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Have you ever thought that you had your plans all laid out, had your ducks in a row, had all the bunnies in the box? So did Jack Lange. Having reached early middle age, Jack was making some changes in his life. He had succeeded in business, shed himself of an empty marriage and set his sights on a more fulfilling set of ventures. Then he took a weekend trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior to do some fishing and settle his thinking. In doing so he started down a path that led to a final twist of fate. Among the developments in his life that occurred on this weekend idyll was his meeting with a beautiful country doctor. At the same fateful time he had his first frightening run-in with a backwoods wretch who would become a threat to any hope for happiness. His love for the doctor and his loathing for the wretch were to grow side by side. Soon after his fateful weekend, Jack also met a man of a very different world from his own. MacWatt was a fallen peace officer who lived on the edge of the criminal world in a way that was an intrigue for Jack. This friendship with a man from the roughest edges of life exposes Jack to violence and murder leading him to soon believe this backwoods devil must be eliminated. Sable Shore marks a stellar debut novel for James Danielson as he weaves a gripping and intense drama, with murder, mystery, and intrigue.

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Now, with over 200 titles in its growing film library -- over half of which are in active distribution -- Hannover House has quickly ascended to a dominant role as a leading, independent distributor in the U.S. market. The company is particularly noted for its successes in placing DVD titles within mass merchandisers and key chain stores. Retailers carrying Hannover House products include thousands of independently owned and operated retail video stores and book stores, and most mass merchants and major retailers. In addition to this "core" distribution activity, Hannover House is launching two, major new ventures in 2014.  "VODwiz" is a new video-on-demand portal for independent films, structured similarly to Netflix and Amazon's streaming services;  "Medallion International Pictures" is the company's international sales and financing operation, designed to provide Hannover House with up to five, high-profile theatrical features each year.

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Hannover's early successes in book publishing were sparked by critical acclaim and commercial success with "Sacred Prey" and "Quietus" from novelist / screenwriter Vivian Schilling.  The Company achieved its first # 1 Best-Seller on (and it's highest position on the New York Times Best-Sellers list) with the 2003 release of  Blood, Money and Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K. by Barr McClellan.  The addition of DVD products in 2003 marked a turning point for the Company, as a steady slate of releases achieved top-selling status for Walmart and other major retailers, both as new releases as well as within the popular Budget Bins.

Top selling DVD titles include (listed alphabetically):  Classic Comedies Pack, Classic TV Pack, Come Away Home, Fun Park, Future Shock, Grand Champion, Martial Arts Action Pack, Samurai Action Pack, Twelve and Zombie Warz. At present, Hannover House is releasing about 24 titles each year to the DVD / Blu-Ray and V.O.D. markets in North America, with three-to-five titles also enjoying some degree of theatrical release.  The new productions being funded through Medallion International Pictures are expected to have broad, nationwide theatrical release support.