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Sacred Prey

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Sacred Prey Sacred Prey Vivian Schilling

"Schilling shows deft storytelling ability ... fresh, lively, and supplied with plenty of suspenseful twists ..."

"Highly respectable writing ... part fantasy, part horror, and thoroughly gripping."

"A psychological thriller you won't forget ... written with an imagination that smacks of part Edgar Allan Poe / part island voodoo ... an unforgettable trek."
-- THE HERALD, North Carolina


In an abandoned cabin deep within the Louisiana bayou, a young couple is ruthlessly shot down setting a dark chain of events into motion. Adam Claiborne-a wealthy loan shark with a twisted sense of morality-rationalizes the deaths of Charlie and Monique  Sinclair as a casualty of his business. Under the umbrella of the Catholic Church, Adam maintains a false image as an upstanding pillar in the community. But all of that is about to change forever. With his family by his side, he attends Saturday confession at the upscale Saint Mary’s Cathedral, but for once his sizable contributions have no bearing. For once, he does not find the absolution he seeks, for there is a new priest on the receiving end of his admission. “Unless you know the sorrows of your victims, your sins cannot be forgiven.”

            After a tormenting night of strange dreams, Adam awakens to a nightmare he cannot escape. The bedroom around him is no longer the palatial suite of his Garden District mansion, but a dank paltry room in the French Quarter. The wife beside him is no longer the woman he married, but Monique Sinclair, the victim he murdered the day before, alive and breathing softly next to him. He is no longer inhabiting the flesh of his own strong, healthy body, but the weak stuttering physique of Charlie Sinclair. To Adam’s horror, it is three days back in time and he is now trapped in the body of his intended quarry.

            With a new perspective on the Sinclairs’ last unimaginable days of terror, Adam must fight for his life against the d ark force he created. Unless destiny itself can be altered, unless Adam can find within himself the pieces to make the contrition, he is about to be hunted, cornered and brutally murdered by the merciless killer who somewhere wears his face.

Additional Info

  • Author: Vivian Schilling
  • ISBN-10: 0963784609
  • ISBN-13: 978-0963784605
  • Publisher: Hannover House, 2004
  • Language: English
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