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Quietus Quietus Vivian Schilling


QUIETUS IS A GREAT GOTHIC RAVEN perched somewhere between Anne Rice and Iris Murdoch. It’s a spooky, sweeping book of death, dreams and psychosexual intrigue. Schilling herself–in her deft melding of mythic animus and modern anxiety–seems like the bastard daughter of Carl Jung and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Quietus should come with a guarantee: Will keep you up at night (either turning pages or jumping at shadows…probably both) or your money back. I loved it.” —Time Out New York

“A profoundly insightful and engaging thriller.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Schilling has crafted a complex and creepy thriller. An Anne Rice novel without the
goth trappings.”
—Publisher’s Weekly


On a stormy winter's evening a chartered flight bound for Boston goes down in the treacherous White Mountains of New Hampshire. An extensive search results in the rescue of five survivors-noted interior designer, Kylie O'Rourke, and her husband Jack among them. But it is just the beginning of the nightmare for Kylie. Through the haze of morphine she awakens in the hospital to confused and harrowing memories of the crash-memories not to be trusted. Though trapped within the wreckage, she recalls wandering the icy mountainside and speaking with one of the other victims...yet he had died upon impact. As the freakish aftermath becomes sharper in her mind it grows darker with frightening visions of specters and the horrific feeling that she and the others had somehow cheated death.

Reassured by her doctor that her memories are the product of her sedation, Kylie returns to her life in Boston, but the aftermath of the tragedy proves unbearable. The visions continue to haunt her, while her husband slips further away from her into his own world of survivor guilt and deceit. Increasingly paranoid, she soon believes that she is being followed through the streets of Boston. In her nightmares, the predator is a specter crossing over from the mountain top to reclaim her. An old man eyes her in the subway, while a dark figure stalks her through Beacon Hill. Then a sudden and freakish tragedy sends Kylie's world toppling. While those around her fear she is losing her mind, she finds herself caught up in a chain of events she cannot escape.

About the Author

Born and raised in Kansas, Vivian Schilling attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and studied under the legendary Stella Adler before embarking upon a dual career as a screenwriter and film actress. Working both in front and behind the camera in television and motion pictures, she found herself writing and starring in her own films at the age of twenty-three.

With her first feature, the low-budget cult-classic Soultaker, she became known for her original ideas and deft hand with complex supernatural subjects. "A very intriguing premise distinguishes the thriller Soultaker. Young star-scripter Vivian Schilling earns high marks for this effort . . . her innovation for horror/fantasy fans creating a new myth about potential afterlife," said Larry Cohn of Variety. In spite of its limited budget, the film earned Schilling the Saturn Award alongside that year's Silence of the Lambs and Terminator 2.

Schilling went on to star in seven films, among them, German's, a World War II drama based on the renowned stage play by Leon Kruzchowski, directed by Academy Award Nominee, Zbigniew Kaminski. Her role as a gunslinger in the western, Savage Land, garnered her the Diamond Dove and the Blockbuster Rising Star Award.

But Schilling's love of storytelling led to a five year departure from the film business in which she turned to the literary world. "For the first time ever I could control elements of the story that were impossible on film," she told Mystery Scene Magazine in an interview. "There were no budget limits or worries about dwindling light, no schedules, or screaming assistant directors. I was suddenly in control of what my readers saw and heard and smelt. . . .I became consumed with the possibilities and soon found myself caught up in the life of my story like never before. The film continued in my head but with it came a deeper dimension of sight, sound and sensation." Schilling's first novel, Sacred Prey (St. Martin's Press, 1996), was released to favorable reviews and earned the Golden Scroll for Outstanding Achievement in Literature. "Highly respectable writing," touted the Chicago Sun-Times. "Schilling shows deft story-telling ability," said Publisher's Weekly. Schilling's second effort is the epic novel of suspense, Quietus, released in 2002 by Hannover House.

Schilling and her husband divide their time between Los Angeles and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Additional Info

  • Author: Vivian Schilling
  • ISBN-10: 0963784617
  • ISBN-13: 978-0963784612
  • Publisher: Hannover House (January 22, 2002)
  • Language: English
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